Created a special breathable pillow that reduces anxiety

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have created a unique pillow with a built-in inflatable chamber, thanks to which the device can inflate and deflate, imitating human breathing. If you sit in an embrace with such a pillow for a while, then the level of anxiety can be significantly reduced, the developers say.

The creators advise hugging such a “breathable” pillow for ten minutes a day to reduce anxiety.

The principle of operation of the “breathable” pillow

This device, 36 centimeters long, contains an inflatable chamber that connects to an external pump and motor. The researchers hypothesized that this pillow could reduce anxiety levels if people cuddled up to it for a few minutes. And to test their hypothesis, the team of scientists invited 129 volunteers to participate in their experiment.

First of all, the specialists collected initial data – they asked respondents to fill out questionnaires that would help them determine the initial level of anxiety in people. And after that, the volunteers were told that everyone would have to take a math test. Apparently, even in adults, “tests” cause stress.

Then the participants in the experiment were divided into three groups: 45 people hugged “breathable” pillows for eight minutes, 40 people performed standard meditation practices, and the remaining 44 did not make any attempts to calm down before the test (they were the control group). After that, the researchers conducted another measurement of the level of anxiety.

As a result, it was found that “cuddling” with a pillow can actually reduce anxiety, and the effect of this is tantamount to meditation. There was no need for further testing in mathematics – the researchers were interested in the sensations of volunteers looking forward to a difficult test, and not in their computational abilities.

Scientists note that it is important for people suffering from anxiety to provide as many resources as possible to cope with this condition. At the same time, “breathable” pillows are very easy to use – you just need to hug them and breathe with them.


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