Scientists find green glasses reduce anxiety associated with pain

(ORDO NEWS) — Wearing special green glasses for a few hours a day reduces anxiety associated with pain and may help reduce the need for opioids to treat severe pain.

This conclusion was reached by scientists from the American Society of Anesthesiologists, who presented the results of their work at the annual conference Anesthesiology 2022.

“Our study showed that certain wavelengths of green light stimulate pathways in the brain that help manage pain.

There is a need for additional therapies to reduce opioid use among patients with fibromyalgia and other types of chronic pain, and green glasses could become a simple non-drug option,” the scientists explained.

According to the researchers, pain and anxiety have similar biological mechanisms. In addition, fear of pain increases anxiety, which often leads to an increase in opioid use.

The researchers studied 34 patients with fibromyalgia. They were divided into groups who wore glasses of various shades for four hours a day for two weeks: 10 patients wore blue glasses, 12 wore clear glasses, and 12 wore green glasses.

The patients who wore green glasses were four times more likely to have reduced anxiety compared to patients in the other groups.


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