Automakers can’t keep up with electric cars

(ORDO NEWS) — As the cost of fuel continues to rise, many drivers are considering ditching their combustion engine vehicles in favor of electric modes of transport. But disruptions in the supply chain are making this transition more difficult than previously expected.

The electric vehicle industry is one of the last to feel the effects of the world’s production constraints. Manufacturers like Ford are seeing record levels of demand for their electric vehicles, but are also struggling to find where to source a scarce commodity, namely lithium-ion batteries.

Ford has therefore been forced to end bookings for its highly sought-after all-electric pickup truck, with more than 200,000 people already queuing for the electric vehicle.

Due to the shortage of batteries and the raw material (graphite) required to manufacture them, the extremely long wait times for electric vehicles have become a real problem for manufacturers, who can only hope that consumers will endure more.


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