Tesla invented a revolutionary battery

(ORDO NEWS) — Elon Musk’s Tesla company is preparing to revolutionize the production of electric vehicles. The company’s engineers, thanks to the so-called “biscuit” technology (“Biscuit Tin”), have created a battery that will reduce the cost of manufacturing a car.

In the near future, Tesla experts may present a fundamentally new type of battery for electric vehicles. Thanks to this innovation, the size of components will increase and, as a result, the dimensions of electric cars will also change upwards.

However, at the same time, one of the company’s important goals will be achieved – reducing the cost of manufacturing electric cars. In the production of vehicles, lithium-ion batteries will not be used, and batteries of the Biscuit Tin format will be installed instead. This unofficial name was given by the company’s engineers to the battery because of its similarity to a can for biscuit cookies.

The production of new batteries is planned to be deployed in Texas – next to the new plant of the corporation. Reducing the cost of manufacturing batteries will affect the final price of the product and significantly change the market for electric vehicles.

Earlier, the international research organization Bloomberg NEF, which analyzes alternative and traditional energy sources, said that by 2022, electric cars will become cheaper than cars with internal combustion engines.


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