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WHO evaluated the effectiveness of vaccines against the strain “Omicron”

WHO evaluated the effectiveness of vaccines against the strain Omicron

(ORDO NEWS) — WHO experts believe that the new Omicron coronavirus strain has a higher level of infectivity when compared with Delta. That is why the effectiveness of the vaccines proposed to date may not be as high as anticipated. At the same time, an official statement was made that Omicron in most cases does not provoke the occurrence of sufficiently serious symptoms. The infected have a mild form.

Today, the delta strain is still prevalent throughout the world. It was recorded earlier this year in India. On December 9, the presence of the disease was officially confirmed in 63 countries around the world. The WHO clarified that Omicron, in turn, predominantly infects South African residents. Also, many cases are recorded in the UK.

The WHO statement indicated that a preliminary analysis of information received from different countries was carried out. They demonstrate that vaccination efficiency can be much lower with Omicron. Because of this, in a short time, a new strain may well become dominant throughout the world.

Omicron was first recorded in South Africa at the end of November 2021. Many people infected with this virus carry it quite easily, as local doctors tell about. Pfizer and BioNTech have been shown to be about 32 times less effective against Omicron. In the near future, information will be received on how the Chinese vaccine Sinovac affects the new virus strain.

Earlier, we wrote that the coronavirus began to spread in the United States and Europe back in 2019.

And also recall that in Hong Kong people who did not contact each other were infected with Omicron.


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