WHO has warned about the threat of a bird flu pandemic

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(ORDO NEWS) — It seems the universe has decided to purge itself of humans. Because it is simply impossible to explain pandemics and disasters otherwise.

The world has not yet rested from the coronavirus, and now it is threatened by a new virus. The WHO is already concerned about the epidemiological situation.

Richard Peabody works as WHO’s head of the High Pathogens Division. He warns that the avian flu virus, which is currently “raging”, is incredibly dangerous.

People should stay away from infected animals as much as possible. The disease is easily and quickly transmitted from animals to humans, and it is very difficult to treat.

The new bird flu spreads incredibly fast, so it’s better not to risk it again. Pharmaceutical corporations are already working on a vaccine, so doctors believe that it will be possible to avoid severe consequences.

Peabody said that the epidemic began three years ago. Millions of wild birds died from it. Households and farms also suffer. This flu is a special type A virus.

According to the data provided by the World Health Organization, in the period from 2003 to 2023, more than 870 cases of infection with influenza A were recorded in the world.

In each case, a person became infected from contact with a sick bird. Another 458 people died. Cases have been recorded in 23 countries.

Doctors say that adults tolerate the disease more easily than children. At the same time, the risk group, as always, is the elderly, that is, those over 60 years old.

The incubation period of a new type of flu lasts from several hours to 5 days. This is his great danger. At the same time, the patient has a high temperature, from 38.8 to 41 degrees.

The patient feels blocked in the nasopharynx, suffers from a dry exhausting cough, a runny nose in the throat, muscle pain and chills. The disease gives serious complications to the ears and lungs.


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