In the coming days, the Earth will be covered with strong magnetic storms

(ORDO NEWS) — This week, many weather-dependent people may experience poor health due to the fact that strong enough magnetic storms will occur. Moreover, they will occur almost without interruption.

Magnetic storms are the result of the interaction of our planet’s magnetosphere and solar wind streams. Fluctuations of a geomagnetic nature can have an extremely negative effect on the well-being of people, and very intense phenomena can even provoke problems in the operation of electrical devices.

The first storm, according to experts’ forecasts, will happen on December 13 on Monday. It will not be very strong, so the state of health may deteriorate quite a bit. But already on December 17, one should expect a very strong storm, which will negatively affect many inhabitants of the planet.

This event will be quite protracted, and some meteorological people will begin to feel its influence even on the eve of December 16. The magnetic storm will decline only a few days later – on December 19. Two more strong magnetic storms are expected on December 27 and 28, so it is worth preparing in advance. The events will have a low level of intensity, but can still provoke a deterioration in well-being.

Phenomena of this nature can provoke the following symptoms:

Dizziness and headache;
It becomes difficult to concentrate;
Irritability or even aggression;
Exacerbation of chronic pathologies;
Excessive emotionality and so on.
On dangerous days, it is desirable to reduce the stress of an emotional and physical nature. Better to devote this time to rest, sleep, or walking in the fresh air. At the same time, it is imperative to have medicines on hand if you have health problems.

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