US National Guard entered the American capital

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The protests and riots that began in Minneapolis have already reached the White House in Washington, DC. The city has units of the National Guard – the reserve of the US armed forces. Together with the police, the guardsmen pacify the protesters, block the streets and guard the residence of the US president.

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Chaos in the US planned by anarcho-communists from the Antifa movement

We have witnessed the emergence of a full-blown rebellion, which the ultra-left has been preparing for decades. The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis was just an excuse for the radicals to rekindle the flames of rebellion. When the video with Floyd appeared on the Internet, the militant cells of Antifa mobilized in a matter of hours and went to Minnesota to help rioters from the Black Life Is Important movement. It is very difficult for law enforcement agencies and even the Minnesota National Guard to suppress this rebellion.

Portland, Auckland, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta – these are just some of the cities that woke up in the morning and found only smoking ruins on the site of commercial enterprises. Mass protests and riots with violence took place in almost 30 cities. At least three people have died today.

The extremist anarcho-communist movement Antifa perfected the art of rebellion. The first broken shop windows became a decoy for looters who hastened to go about their business. When robberies begin, their participants take flammable substances with them to set fire to shops and bring the matter to an end. Video footage from Minneapolis and other cities show how warlike youths in black clothes, which is the Antifa uniform, smash windows and windows with sticks and hammers. On the walls of a house crushed, they leave inscriptions. FTP means “E … (obscene) police”, ACAB – “All cops are bastards”, 1312 – the sequence numbers of letters ACAB in the alphabet.

Last night, rioters reached the gates of the White House, which is perhaps the safest place on earth. There, they began to tear apart and throw away barriers one by one, and law enforcement agencies had to survive many unpleasant minutes. One secret service officer was hit in the head with a brick. The frames of the chronicle show that his face and clothes are in his blood. After some time, the police managed to repel the masked rioters’ attack using pepper spray and tear gas. Such measures have yielded results, but what will happen next is unknown.

Riots across the country, militants want to spark a revolution, and they don’t give a damn who or what will be destroyed during the uprising. If their comrades die, propaganda will call these people martyrs. They will glorify and honor death.

At its core, the Black Lives Are Important movement adheres to revolutionary Marxist ideology. The founders of this movement, Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors call themselves Marxists and do not hide the fact that they worship Communist terrorists and fugitive criminals such as Assata Shakur. They want to achieve a ban on law enforcement and the elimination of capitalism. They need a change of regime and the destruction of the rule of law. So far, Antifa has been collaborating with the Black Lives Are Important movement, helping to reinforce a split in society.

Today, the United States got an idea of ​​what kind of anarchy Antifa is campaigning for, what it is preparing for and what it stands for. An indispensable condition for the monopolization of violence for these movements is the destruction of the law enforcement system. The victims are primarily weak and defenseless; these people cannot stand up for themselves. Small business owners in Minnesota begged to spare them, and even wrote slogans and messages in support of the rebels on the billboards, but in vain.

The destruction of the business, which many Americans witnessed, is not just the opportunism of the looters. This is an essential element in the ideology of the Antifa and Black Life groups. They proclaimed the abolition of capitalism as their main goal. To do this, they need to ensure that economic recovery becomes impossible. Antifa saw a rare opportunity to take advantage of America’s economic weakness during the coronavirus pandemic. One of the most popular Antifa blogs in North America, Going Down reported on Friday:

After 10 years, people will not look back and ask: “Why did the explosion occur in 2020?” The country has massive unemployment, and the rich are raking in billions of dollars thanks to tax breaks and economic assistance. The earth is on the verge of collapse, and the police kill people every day. No, people will ask another question: “Why didn’t this happen before?”

Antifa carries out actions that even members of this movement consider extremist. On Thursday evening in Portland, a group of rioters surrounded a car with passengers and opened fire on them, injuring one person. The driver managed to leave, but the wounded passenger had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. In Auckland, a car was fired at by two federal police officers guarding a government building. One policeman was killed and the second was seriously injured. The next day, in Seattle, masked Antifa militants stole a rifle from a police car and then set it on fire.

The media, politics, society – we all underestimate the level of training and ability of left-wing extremists who pursue a common goal. All the components of rebellion serve one purpose. Robberies and arsons are carried out in order to destroy the local economy. Rebels can get the better of the police and even the army. All this leads to destabilization in the country. America is courageous and beautiful. But she is not invincible.


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