How the USA burn

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Marauders flooded the streets of Washington and New York, and arsons were committed near the White House. The United States survived the sixth day of unrest caused by the killing of black people at the hands of the police.

On Sunday, almost a week after an unarmed black George Floyd died in custody because a police officer [during detention] put pressure on the man’s neck with a knee, protests broke out from Boston to San Francisco.

Currently, nearly 62,000 National Guard soldiers are deployed in 24 states to help authorities curb unrest. Curfews have been introduced in 40 cities; public transport is not working. In some cities, on Sunday night, thieves burst into stores and ran away with what they could carry. In other cases, the police tried to reduce tensions by kneeling in solidarity with the demonstrators while maintaining their presence in order to ensure security. Earlier that day, a truck driver drove into a crowd of demonstrators in Minneapolis.

At least 4,400 people were arrested nationwide during protest days, according to the Associated Press.

Protesters set fires near the White House

Robbers raged in downtown Washington (DC) and other parts of the city as protests escalated into acts of violence. Police clashed with protesters near the White House, using tear gas and stun grenades. Luckily, the police had gas masks to protect them, however many protesters did not and this prevented them from continuing to damage and devestate surroundings.

One hour before the curfew in Washington, the police again used tear gas and stun grenades against a crowd of more than a thousand people to clear Lafayette Park, opposite the White House.

Protesters lit a fire in the middle of the street. Someone tore the American flag from one of the buildings and threw it into the fire. The fire was supported by branches torn from trees. The building in the park, which had bathrooms and a repair office, was engulfed in flames. A protest rally also broke out in the north-west of the city. National Guard takes part in riot control

Police are hospitalized in Boston. The situation escalates

Sunday in Boston, the protests were peaceful. But after dark, protesters began throwing stones at the police, broke into several stores and set fire to the police car. Seven police officers were hospitalized, and 21 were injured. Republican Governor Charlie Baker called the acts of violence “criminal and cowardly.”

California shuts government buildings

In California, a directive has been adopted to close all government agencies, from the Department of Motor Vehicles’s offices to those that issue licenses to employees and provide medical care.

New York Mayor’s Daughter Arrested

The black-skinned daughter of the New York Mayor was among nearly 790 people arrested in the city since the start of the protests. A law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity said that 25-year-old Chiara de Blasio was arrested on Saturday evening. The arrest report received by The New York Post said the girl refused to leave Manhattan Street. Chiara de Blasio later received a subpoena and was released. However, her father, Mayor of Bill de Blasio, white in origin, did not mention the arrest in his Sunday press briefing.

Police use weapons against journalists

Over the past few days, several reporters trying to cover the protests came under fire from rubber bullets and tear gas, and some were arrested. The arrest of CNN reporter Omar Jimenez and his cameraman was the first to hit the headlines. Jimenez is a black man. He covered the events in Minneapolis and showed the arrested protester, at which time about half a dozen white policemen surrounded him.

More than 10,000 National Guard members expected to deploy

About five thousand National Guard soldiers are deployed in 15 states and Washington. In Minneapolis, the city where the protests began, additional units of the police, army and national guard arrived. On Sunday, before the Capitol, the police and the National Guard took the protective ring.

President Donald Trump praised the deployment of the National Guard in Minneapolis and said, “No games!” He said police in New York “should be allowed to do their job!”

Alleged Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden condemns the violence. “Protests should never overshadow the reason we are protesting,” Biden said.

A truck drove into a crowd on a freeway

A truck driver was arrested Sunday afternoon after driving into a crowd of protesters on the Minneapolis Motorway. Officials said no protesters were injured when the semi-trailer drove into a crowd of demonstrators on a freeway near the city center. It was noted that this action was intentional.

Trump said that Antifa will be declared a terrorist group

Trump accused the leftist groups of causing unrest. He said that anarchists and militant anti-fascists, under the general term Antifa, are to blame for the riots. Although the group whose followers organize resistance to white supremacists is not an official organization, Trump said Antifa would be designated as a terrorist group.


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