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Brian Miller

Brian Miller, a respected Editor at ORDO News, is deeply dedicated to the dissemination of thought-provoking narratives and well-informed perspectives. With an unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity, Miller navigates the intricate web of global affairs, simplifying complexities into clear and enlightening prose. His profound dedication to uncovering truth reverberates through each article, as he strives to shed light on the nuances shaping our world. From the corridors of power to the intricacies of societal dynamics, Miller's editorial acumen illuminates the essence of human experience. Embark on a journey of intellectual exploration and discourse with him, where the written word acts as a beacon of enlightenment.
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11 Migrant Labourers Killed By Gunmen In Pakistan’s Balochistan

Gunmen killed 11 people in southwest Pakistan, officials said Saturday, with police searching for suspected

Olympic restrictions ‘humiliating’ for Russians – EU state

The Hungarian foreign minister has spoken out against the IOC’s politicization of the event The

Ukrainian strikes inside Russia ineffective – Pentagon

Drone damage to energy infrastructure has not degraded Moscow’s military, a senior defense official told

6 Killed In Sydney Mall Stabbings, Attacker Shot Dead, Say Police

Six people were killed and several others injured -- including a nine-month-old baby -- when

Can Israel’s ultra-Orthodox military volunteers help defuse the battle over conscription?

The long-standing military waiver for the ultra-Orthodox has sparked waves of protest in recent weeks

Donald Trump Says He Will Testify In Hush Money Criminal Trial

Former US president Donald Trump said Friday that he plans to take the stand in

Will The Halving Send Bitcoin Price To $100,000? Analytics Platform Reveals What You Should Expect

Hannah Phung, a lead analyst at on-chain analytics platform SpotOnChain, recently gave her opinion on

US renews controversial spying program

Section 702 of the FISA act was reauthorized despite fierce resistance from former President Donald

Germany Urges Its Citizens To Leave Iran As War With Israel Looms

 Germany warned its citizens to leave Iran, saying that there was a risk both of

Italy to recruit migrant workers in Lebanon, Ivory Coast and Ethiopia

Italy is to admit 300 migrant workers from Lebanon, Ivory Coast and Ethiopia who will

House passes FISA renewal without added warrant mandate for US data

A bill to renew a key federal government surveillance tool passed the House of Representatives

Bob Costas recalls OJ Simpson’s attempt to call him during 1994 Bronco car chase, NBA Finals broadcast

The death of Hall of Fame running back O.J. Simpson has elicited mixed emotions from

Don’t Miss The VeChain Train — Analyst Projects 400% Price Increase

VeChain (VET), a blockchain platform aiming to revolutionize supply chain management, has become a hot

News Quiz: April 12, 2024

After a week of big headlines, it's time for a fresh News Quiz from Fox