The unexpected cause of the abnormal heat in Canada

(ORDO NEWS) — Some time ago, information was received that in Canada the temperature reached abnormal rates – 49.6 degrees. Experts believe that the main reason for what is happening is the “thermal dome” that has arisen as a result of climate change on the planet. Experts emphasized that now none of the regions on the planet is immune from the fact that abnormal weather events may occur at any time.

It is reported by Đ’ird in flight.

Because of the heat in Canada, many people died. In addition, power lines melted, forest fires broke out and the road surface was damaged. Over the past five days, there have been almost 200% more sudden deaths than before. Most of the deceased had no relatives or lived independently in apartments where no air conditioner or fan was installed. Due to the abnormal heat, not only people began to die, but also there were many forest fires. For example, 78 fires were recorded in British Columbia.

The “thermal dome” was formed due to the presence of high atmospheric pressure. Because of it, hot air cannot rise above a certain level. Another reason for its appearance, experts say, is the difference in water temperature in the ocean. It should be noted that recently the “thermal dome” has a high density index and now cyclones cannot pass through it, which would lower at least a little the air temperature in the region.

Michael Evan Mann said that today no region of the planet is protected from incredibly high temperatures. At the same time, a “thermal dome” can form in any area and, then, weather phenomena dangerous to human life will occur several times more often than usual.


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