The Chinese are going to knock the potentially dangerous asteroid Bennu off course

(ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from China shared a plan for launching a special rocket complex into space. They are going to use it to change the trajectory of the well-known asteroid Bennu and send it in the opposite direction from Earth.

In the years 2175-2199, Bennu will fly to Earth at a distance that will not exceed 7.5 million kilometers. Today, a space body is classified as a potentially dangerous asteroid. Moreover, the probability that a collision will occur is only 1 in 2700.

Chinese scientists used computer simulations and found that if 23 rockets weighing 900 tons each hit the asteroid at the same time, it would help change Bennu’s trajectory. It will fly past the Earth and not cause a terrible catastrophe.

Mingtao Li said that the impact of an asteroid will cause the death of not only humanity, but all life on our planet. Therefore, you need to change its flight trajectory to protect the planet from a catastrophic collision.

It will take about three years for the rockets to reach the surface of the asteroid. At the same time, experts say that Long March 5 requires some improvements. For example, installing a maneuvering engine.

“Asteroid of the Apocalypse” Bennu is one of the carbon space bodies. Its diameter is 510 meters, and it moves at a speed of 12.86 km per second. None of the experts can even guess what the consequences will be if Bennu hits the Earth. But nothing good will come of it.


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