The British woman did not know about her pregnancy for nine months

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(ORDO NEWS) — British resident Sally Smith had no idea that she was pregnant. The girl talked about how her own birth was a real surprise for her. This is reported by Metro.

Sally is 23 years old. She worked in one of the nightclubs in her city. The girl had no idea that she was in position. She had regular periods and did not gain weight. Sally says that she even lost a little weight during pregnancy.

A couple of months before the end of pregnancy, the girl began to regularly experience quite strong painful sensations in the back and especially the lower back. Sally did not pay attention to this symptom and blamed everything only on constant fatigue.

The expectant mother thought that the reason was too much workload. She constantly transported weights using a cart and was on her feet for a long time. The girl also developed nausea after drinking, which she still did not pay attention to. About a week or so before giving birth, difficulties and discomfort while walking began to appear. This still did not bother the expectant mother.

Just before giving birth, Sally returned home from work. The shift was too difficult, so the girl immediately went to bed. In the morning she woke up due to the fact that there was unbearable pain in the abdomen. The sister advised her to take a warm bath. It was there that the waters left. Immediately after that, Sally and her sister called an ambulance, but she did not have time to get to the hospital. The girl, who was unaware of her pregnancy, gave birth to a boy weighing 3,110 grams right in the parking lot next to the hospital.


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