Moon’s “wobble” orbit will cause massive floods in 10 years

(ORDO NEWS) — As a result of the rapidly changing climate, hurricanes have become not only more powerful, but also more frequent. Also, other weather phenomena are recorded, which have noticeably increased in recent years. But literally ten years later, another threat will appear that cannot be ignored.

It is reported by Live Science.

Floods, due to which the water level rises by almost 60 cm, are called nuisance floods. As a result of such floods, streets are under water, and people are locked in their houses and trying to escape from moisture entering their homes.

A recent study by NASA experts showed that such floods will become quite common in ten years. At the same time, their duration will increase almost on the entire coast of the United States. The number of floods will only increase annually. For a month in some regions in the 2030s, at least ten floods may occur.

The researchers warned that this will cause local residents to change their lives. Crossings and underground parking lots will be under water all the time, sewage drains will not be able to be fully cleaned, some enterprises will be closed, and so on.

Experts name several reasons for such changes at once. The first is considered to be rising sea levels, warming and too rapid melting of glaciers. The moon’s orbit will also affect the increase in the number of floods. Each year, our satellite has a different gravity. The moon “wobbles” in orbit and constantly slightly changes its position relative to our planet. At one time, it restrains the hot flashes, and at another it begins to intensify them. At the moment, we are in a cycle that intensifies the hot flashes. Its peak will come around the 2030s.


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