Jupiter’s Aurora Mystery

(ORDO NEWS) — Jupiter differs from the rest of the planets in the solar system in that it has incredibly powerful auroras. They were discovered only 40 years ago. Since that time, experts have tried to understand how auroras can occasionally provoke quite strong X-ray bursts.

Reported by Sciencealert.

To study the aurora on Jupiter, they used data that were collected over forty years using a variety of equipment and numerous specialists. At the same time, Zhonghua Yao supervised the study. The team of scientists managed to connect two completely different phenomena – regularly recorded X-ray bursts, as well as oscillations that were regularly recorded in the lines of force of Jupiter.

Oscillations provoked the appearance of waves directly in the plasma. They, in turn, quickly spread along all lines of force present in the planet’s magnetic field. At the same time, from time to time, they release such elements as heavy ions into the atmosphere and after a while collide with them. This leads to the emergence of a huge amount of energy, which takes the form of x-rays recorded on our planet.

William Dunn noted that a similar process provokes the appearance of the aurora on our planet. But before, experts could not even assume that something similar could arise in other areas of space or directly in our galaxy.


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