Seafood may be banned

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of California have concluded that due to the ongoing pollution of the waters of the world’s oceans, many seafood will soon become unfit for human consumption. Some of them can no longer be consumed.

The latest large-scale study has shown that oysters found in waters near Myanmar pose a health hazard. Fragments of plastic, kerosene, paint and even dangerous bacteria were found in them. Almost half of the pollution is plastic waste.

Scientists have studied the entire eastern part of the Andaman Sea and found that the increasing urbanization of coastal areas leads to the release of huge amounts of wastewater into the sea, which pollutes seafood. Some of them are already completely unfit for use. Analysis of several coral reefs, close to which about 250 thousand people live, showed that half of this pollution consists of plastic waste.

Researchers have identified several types of unusual finds – cosmetics, milk powder and paint fragments. All of these findings are highly toxic and pose a threat to sea creatures, and ultimately to humans. It turned out that oysters contain the highest concentration of compounds harmful to human health.

Previously, researchers found that cruise ships harm the environment on a par with megacities.


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