Doctors talk about the signs of vitamin D deficiency

(ORDO NEWS) — Doctors said that the lack of vitamins important for the human body is manifested by a number of symptoms. In some cases, the symptoms are mistaken for accumulated stress and fatigue, but this can hide a serious vitamin deficiency. The portal Food.News writes about this.

Experts remind that vitamin D is associated with the normal functioning of the body’s defense system, with its ability to resist various diseases. People who are deficient in this vitamin are most prone to colds, pneumonia, flu, and other infections.

In addition, vitamin deficiency can manifest as bone pain or joint inflammation.

“Other common symptoms include constant fatigue, depressed moods, slow healing wounds, muscle pain without much exercise, hair loss.”

Doctors noted that you can get enough vitamin by including fish, seafood, eggs, mushrooms, cheese and oats in your diet. You can also exercise in the fresh air. However, from 10 am to 4 pm it is better not to be in the sun for a long time.


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