Elon Musk and his eccentricities

(ORDO NEWS) — The Egyptian authorities had to explain with a serious face that the pyramids, the real pride of the country, were not built by aliens at all. Thus, Minister Rania al-Mashat reacted to the controversial tweet of the inventor and businessman Elon Musk, who told Twitter subscribers about extraterrestrial architects.

“It is obvious that the pyramids were built by aliens,” – said the billionaire, after which he received many reviews. Interestingly, many considered the tweet too racist – how can you believe in aliens, belittling the merits of Africans.

Recently, an entrepreneur regularly allows himself very strange and eccentric actions, which did not prevent him from getting into the top five richest people on the planet for the first time. REN TV recalls cases when Musk attracted attention to himself with unusual antics.

Elven reconnaissance plane. Musk becomes a father

In early May 2020, Musk and his beloved singer Grimes became parents. At the same time, the son was given a very strange, almost unpronounceable name – it can be read as “X Ash Hey Twelv Mask” or “X Ash Archangel Mask”.

Grimes has already stated that X stands for an unknown variable, A-12 stands for a reconnaissance aircraft. Also in the name there is the elven abbreviation for AI – artificial intelligence.

However, in California, where the child was born, only names consisting of letters of the English alphabet are allowed. As a result, eminent parents had to replace Arabic numerals with Roman numerals in their son’s name.

However, the couple hardly ever calls the baby by his full name. Grimes has already said that the newborn was given the nickname “Little X”. Elon Musk and his chosen one will allow their child to independently choose their gender. The singer also assured that she would send the baby to live in the forest.

Our candidate. Musk supports Kanye West

The inventor could not ignore the upcoming US presidential elections, which will be held at the end of 2020. However, instead of supporting Donald Trump or his main rival Joe Biden, the businessman relied on an unobvious candidate.

When rapper Kanye West announced his readiness to compete with heavyweight politicians, Musk immediately sided with him, supporting him on Twitter.

The performer cannot boast of a coherent political program, and there are almost no states in which he can take votes from his opponents.

However, West suggested that fellow genre Jay-Z take the vice president’s chair if Kanye still manages to break into the Oval Office.

Great and mighty. Musk is learning Russian

The SpaceX founder’s passion for foreign languages ​​is easy to assess directly on Twitter, where he switches to Russian over and over again, even if there is no reason.

In May, Musk snapped at Robert Reich, a former labor secretary who served in the administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

“Elon Musk threatens to take people out of their jobs if he is not allowed to risk their health. Capitalism is at its worst,” Reich wrote on Twitter. “Idiot,” Musk said briefly, switching to Russian.
It is not difficult to recall other cases – in September 2019, he already managed to comment on the appearance of a billboard meme in Krasnodar.

Mission Doable: Musk Launches Tom Cruise Into Space

The entrepreneur has entered another unusual project. SpaceX will help Tom Cruise surpass all existing filmmaking standards and regulations by organizing the process right in space.

Cruz remains the main action star in Hollywood, although in a couple of years the actor is already in his seventh decade. This does not prevent him from getting involved even in such non-standard projects.

According to rumors, Universal Pictures is going to allocate about $ 200 million for the blockbuster – and this is far from the limit. In addition, representatives of NASA are interested in the new tape.

Roads are not needed. Musk has a space race

No less loud was the story from the beginning of 2018, when Musk decided to pull off a clever trick and send a Tesla Roadster with a Starman dummy into a space odyssey.

Last year, the car managed to complete its first revolution around the sun – it took 557 days. At the time of the start, David Bowie’s song Life on Mars was playing in the car – if a passenger could enjoy the music, and the battery lasted for a long time, this track would have sounded hundreds of thousands of times.

According to the Where is Roadster portal, the car has already flown a sufficient distance – with the same success it could ride 53 times on all the roads of the Earth.

According to the calculations of the orbit, the machine will revolve around the Sun until it enters the atmosphere of Earth or Venus. The chances of returning to Earth are estimated at 6%.

Who cares. Musk confuses the Moon and Mars

In 2019, Musk posted a picture on Twitter that read “Occupy Mars.” However, the illustration depicts not Mars, but the Moon. Users noticed this error, possibly intentional. One of them even managed to sarcastically declare that “before the occupation it is necessary to figure out how Mars looks after all.”

However, Musk himself reacted to the incident with humor and put several laughing emoticons.

It is noteworthy that some netizens did not believe that the head of SpaceX was wrong. They decided that in this way Musk was making fun of US President Donald Trump, who had previously called the moon part of Mars.


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