SpaceX is preparing Starlink for direct connection to smartphones

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- Elon Musk's SpaceX is preparing to launch an innovative

SpaceX launches Crew-6 mission to the ISS

(ORDO NEWS) -- Crew-6 astronauts lifted off aboard the Crew Dragon Endeavor on a Falcon

SpaceX president warns Starship orbital launch could end in explosion

(ORDO NEWS) -- SpaceX is gearing up for the long-awaited first launch into Earth orbit

Camera captures night sky spiral after SpaceX rocket launch

(ORDO NEWS) -- A camera mounted atop Hawaii's tallest mountain captured what appeared to be

SpaceX completes its 200th orbital launch

(ORDO NEWS) -- On the night of December 17-18, Elon Musk's company launched two SES

SpaceX launches competitor’s Internet satellites into orbit

(ORDO NEWS) -- SpaceX launched Internet satellites of its rival OneWeb on Thursday. The Falcon

SpaceX delays Japanese lander launch

(ORDO NEWS) -- SpaceX delayed the launch of Japan's first privately owned lander, which was

SpaceX prepares to launch the world’s first private lunar lander

(ORDO NEWS) -- SpaceX will launch the first private - and Japanese - moon lander.

SpaceX’s CRS-26 mission launched to the ISS

(ORDO NEWS) -- SpaceX's CRS-26 mission was launched to the ISS on Saturday by a

SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time in three years

(ORDO NEWS) -- SpaceX launched military satellites on a super-heavy Falcon Heavy launch vehicle on

NASA estimated the chances of SpaceX to send Starship into orbit in 2022

(ORDO NEWS) -- After SpaceX became a full participant in the competition to create a