Coronavirus prediction found in old newspaper

(ORDO NEWS) — Meticulous readers found in a newspaper thirty years ago a prediction of the coronavirus pandemic – it indicated exactly 2020 and it was predicted that half of humanity would become infected. The editors of the Japanese edition “Gifu Shimbun” were forced to give explanations, but this did not calm the conspiracy theorists. The editors had to explain themselves.

In the May 2, 1990 issue of the Gifu Shimbun, an article was published under the loud headline “Prophecy of God.” It said that in thirty years, due to global warming, the world could be swept by a pandemic of infection, which will affect half of the population. And against the background of the destruction of the ozone layer, people will also weaken their immunity.

Conspiracy theorists who dug up the newspaper in the archives began to discuss the old publication on social networks, comparing its author to Nostradamus. Passions reached such a level that the editorial staff of “Gifu Shimbun” eventually issued a statement.

The journalists explained that the article was written on the basis of the next WHO report of that time, and there are no specific details indicating the features of the coronavirus pandemic in the publication.

Nevertheless, lovers of esotericism and the theory of conspiracy began to assert that, if so, the journalists were led by a “higher power”, which, they say, was trying to give a sign to humanity. Poor WHO, which actually issued many similar warnings, was deprived of its laurels.


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