US passed a law allowing flying cars to travel on the roads

(ORDO NEWS) — We all want to believe that one day cars can fly and we can easily avoid traffic jams. The state of New Hampshire in the United States decided not just to give in to dreams, but to act ahead. So local authorities passed a law that would allow flying cars to drive on state roads as soon as such cars appear.

“There was no hint in the books that these cars could be used on the roads,” said state spokesman Sherman Packard, a sponsor of the bill. “To allow these cars to exist in New Hampshire, we had to pass legislation like this.”

In fact, the document itself does not say anything about the fact that it is legal for flying cars to rise into the sky. However, the rules for ground movement for them are clearly spelled out, for example, the law does not allow them to take off or land on public roads. Also, the document immediately states that there are no flying cars yet, and you cannot buy them.

However, once flying cars do go on sale, the law will go into effect immediately and will allow them to travel on state roads, which lawmakers said was previously not legal.

Jeff Rapsis, executive director of the New Hampshire Aviation Museum, told reporters that the first flying cars are likely to be free from traffic jams and take up space all the time, so ground transportation owners will have time to get used to it.


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