Scientists have found a correlation between facial attractiveness and immunity

(ORDO NEWS) — Experiments have shown that people who appear more attractive are more likely to have strong immune systems.

The question of why some faces seem more attractive than others has occupied scientists of various specialties.

This is partly due to the norms and ideas of beauty that exist in society, as well as personal experience and character. However, attractiveness can have a biological role , signaling the health of the body and the “quality” of heredity.

Summer Mengelkoch and her colleagues from Texas Christian University (USA) conducted an online experiment with 492 volunteers.

They were shown photographic portraits of 159 real people and asked to rate the attractiveness of each face. In addition, those whose portraits were shown to the participants underwent an additional medical examination, which was supposed to show the state of their immunity, the course of inflammatory processes, and so on.

By comparing these data, the researchers found that people who are perceived as more attractive, the immune system works better on average than those who are less beautiful.

Curiously, levels of inflammation were not correlated with attractiveness. Therefore, the authors concluded that it may indicate the ability of the body to cope with the disease, rather than the current disease in the acute phase.

Some other nuances noted by scientists are also interesting. For example, the attractiveness of male faces correlated best with measures of the activity of killer T cells, cells that fight bacterial infections.

Attractiveness of women – with levels of glucose, antibodies and some other substances in the blood. In any case, experiments have shown that facial beauty may indeed be related to inherited immune characteristics. At least to a certain extent.


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