Named products that help strengthen immunity during a pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — Dr. Sedrina Calder named products that help strengthen immunity during a pandemic. She believes that they must be present in the diet of every person.

The doctor believes that chicken soup, garlic, chili peppers and ginger tea with honey will help to make the immune system stronger. Chicken contains a lot of vitamin B6. It is he who helps the immune system to fully function and protect the body from a variety of diseases.

The doctor also referred to the results of the study, which were previously published in the scientific journal Journal of Immunology Research. The article notes that weak immunity is largely due to a lack of vitamin B6. Calder is also confident that it is chicken soup that will make the sore throat softer and eliminate pain.

It is worth noting that these symptoms are the main ones when infected with a strain of coronavirus such as Omicron.

The second product that has a positive effect on the well-being of the patient is chili pepper. It contains the substance capsaicin. With its help, it is possible to perfectly clear a stuffy nose and eliminate a runny nose. Research by African Health Sciences has shown that capsaicin can help reduce inflammation in the body.

Particular attention should be paid to such a drink as ginger tea with honey. It helps to effectively fight a variety of infections. Calder noted that ginger eliminates inflammation, helps to get rid of nausea, which is quite often present in the presence of viral diseases. Honey, in turn, helps to cope with pain in the throat.

Garlic should also be present in the diet, which will help to quickly strengthen the immune system. It helps to stimulate cell activity, which has a positive effect on the fight against infectious diseases. Garlic can be consumed in its pure form or as an addition to a variety of dishes.

During a pandemic, you need to pay special attention to your diet, because how well the body will cope with the infection will depend on it.


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