Omicron may not be the last strain of coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have warned that the spread of Omicron too quickly is a guarantee that this is not the last strain of coronavirus. At the same time, there is no clarification as to what characteristics the following options may have and how they will affect the pandemic.

Experts note that no one guarantees that the disease will be mild enough or that the vaccines that exist today will bring the desired results. Therefore, it is necessary to get vaccinated as soon as possible, while the vaccines are still working and helping to overcome existing variants of the coronavirus.

Leonardo Martinez from the University of Bonn said that the faster Omicron spreads around the world, the higher the risk of new mutations. Accordingly, the next strains of coronavirus can appear without problems.

Studies show that this species is twice as infectious as Delta and at least four times more infectious than the original version of the virus. In addition, Omicron is more likely to re-infect those people who have already been ill or have not been vaccinated on time.

The too rapid spread of Omicron suggests that the virus can persist for quite a long time inside people who have weak immunity.

Accordingly, he has a sufficient amount of time to develop new strong and infectious mutations. What makes the situation more critical is that the coronavirus can develop in the body of dogs, cats and minks that are raised on farms. After he mutates, he can return to people again.

Another option for the development of events may be that there will be a merger of two different strains – Delta and Omicron. In this case, a double infection will result, which will have characteristics that are predominant for both types at once.

In order to avoid further mutation of COVID-19, today it is worth making sure that everyone wears masks and that as many people as possible get vaccinated.

The vaccine still helps protect against the disease and reduce the risk of hospitalization and death after contracting the coronavirus. Experts emphasize the fact that the virus will continue to actively spread if vaccination rates are at a minimum level.


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