Reducing the time of using social networks by 15 minutes a day improved immunity

(ORDO NEWS) — Swansea University researchers have found that cutting back on social media use by 15 minutes a day can significantly improve overall health and immunity.

In addition, the subjects had decreased indicators of feelings of loneliness and depression.

During the study, the authors observed for three months 50 participants (33 women and 17 men) aged 20-25 years.

Each month, they were asked about their physical and mental health, as well as the amount of time spent browsing social media, and then asked to reduce their usual time by 15 minutes a day.

The information obtained was compared with the data of two control groups, which used social networks as usual or did something else on purpose.

The results showed that the group that was asked to cut down on social media had an average 15 percent improvement in immune system function.

Specifically, they experienced fewer colds, flus, warts, a 50 percent improvement in sleep quality, and a 30 percent reduction in symptoms of depression.

However, it should be noted that the first group ended up using 40 minutes less social media instead of the requested 15 minutes, while the second group increased their time by 10 minutes.

Participants who were asked to do something else increased their usage by about 25 minutes a day.

Future research plans to establish whether the association between social media use and health factors is direct or mediated by changes in wellness variables such as depression or physical activity.


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