Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized with coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalized with coronavirus. According to the official representative of the prime minister, Johnson still has a cough and fever, and this is 10 days after the discovery of COVID-19.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain was hospitalized. The press service said that Johnson’s hospitalization is due to the fact that the symptoms of coronavirus, in particular, high fever, have persisted for ten days. Until now, the head of government was in isolation at his official residence, holding meetings via videoconference and recording short appeals to the country.

“Stay home, friends, protect our healthcare system and save lives,” said Boris Johnson.

His fiancée Carrie Symonds is also infected and is on self-isolation. She is expecting a baby who is due to be born in early summer. If Johnson is unable to fulfill his duties, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dominic Raab, will lead the government. How many more cabinet ministers have picked up a dangerous virus is still unknown.

At the same time, Johnson fell ill with the head of the British Ministry of Health, Matthew Hancock, but he was already on his feet. “Johnson still has a high fever. I was more fortunate, I was ill in a mild form. Someone carries the virus without symptoms, and someone is very seriously ill,” he said.

The situation is critical. And an important indicator is the appeal to the nation of Queen Elizabeth II. She actually compared what is happening today with World War II, recalling that by 1940, together with her sister, she wrote down an appeal to the children who were going to evacuate.

“We faced many problems before, but now it is completely different. This time we have joined forces with all the peoples of the world, using the great achievements of science and our instinctive desire to help. We will succeed – and this will be the success of each of us.”

Elizabeth II, who is 93 years old, is now isolated in her Windsor Castle. It is reported that during the shooting there was only one operator in a protective suit and respirator.

The number of coronavirus victims in the UK is steadily increasing. Over the past day, 621 people died here. A total of 48 thousand infected.

A large exhibition center was redesigned specifically for the fight against coronavirus in London. Now it is a hospital for four thousand patients. Moreover, only those who are already on the ventilator are accepted here.

They are trying to break the wave in England with the help of quarantine, but, as luck would have it, warm days have come. In some places, even had to close the parks. Because of violators of the regime, the police now have no days off.

A similar situation is developing on the continent: in Germany and in France. Even those who call for compliance are breaking the regime. The chief physician of Scotland had to resign after it turned out that she and her family went to rest in her country house.

Leo Varadkar, who, after the defeat in the election, acts as the Prime Minister of Ireland, said he was ready to work as a doctor – this is his profession. He left her ten years ago, having gone into politics. And the performance of the King of Sweden, who urged his subjects to refrain from communicating with relatives and friends during Easter, was already completely unexpected.

“Now is the time when we all want to travel and spend time with relatives and friends. Many will go to church. But this Easter we will have to refuse some things. We need to accept this,” said Carl XVI Gustav.

Sweden is one of the few European countries where strict quarantine has not yet been introduced.


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