Physicians have voiced the often ignored symptoms of stomach cancer

(ORDO NEWS) — Doctors said that at the very beginning of its development, gastric cancer practically does not provoke the appearance of any symptoms.

Many people do not even realize that they are faced with such a test as oncology. Quite often, they simply do not pay any attention to certain manifestations of the disease and believe that this is simply increased sensitivity of the stomach or the usual intolerance to certain foods.

Doctors noted that this is precisely the reason that the diagnosis is made already at a fairly late stage of development.

Experts urge you to pay special attention to your well-being. You need to be alarmed if there is a sensitivity of the stomach to alcohol, coffee and certain types of fruits. In addition, a real aversion not only to meat, but also to meat products may suddenly appear.

Severe pain, pressure and a feeling of fullness in the upper abdomen can indicate the presence of oncology. Some patients experience indigestion, loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing. Sometimes there is nausea and frequent vomiting, belching after eating.

Do not forget about those symptoms that are considered common to many types of oncology. These include fatigue for no reason, decreased performance, and exhaustion.

Doctors say that if the diagnosis is made as early as possible, then the chances of recovery will be much higher.

Previously, doctors have already talked about the fact that the presence of stomach cancer may be indicated by feeling too full quickly during meals. Unexpected signs of cancer include complete or partial loss of appetite.


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