Early symptoms of dementia: What you need to know

(ORDO NEWS) — Dementia is a disease of the elderly, but scientists say that this disease is starting to “rejuvenate”.

There are 5 early symptoms that may indicate that a person has begun senile dementia. Everyone can check themselves.

You should not immediately attribute the disease to yourself, only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis. But everyone can check themselves. Here are 5 symptoms that indicate that a person may be in the early stages of dementia:

  • It is difficult to make any decisions. At the same time, taking care of yourself, maintaining cleanliness in the house turns into a difficult process. A person becomes untidy, does not maintain order in his home.
  • Difficulties appeared with understanding the time of day: day or night, morning or evening, what time it is – all this a person begins to confuse and does not understand the passage of time. Not to be confused with when you wake up at dusk and can’t tell if it’s 6 in the morning or 6 in the evening outside.
  • Problems with speech – it is difficult to express words and thoughts, although at the same time a person understands and hears everything. This symptom is also called aphasia.
  • A person repeats himself many times during a conversation, loses words, speech becomes incoherent, illogical.
  • The very behavior of a person changes: anxious and depressive states become more frequent, panic appears, sudden attacks of aggression.

Doctors noted that women are more prone to dementia than men. In the world today, every 14th person aged 65+ suffers from this disease and every sixth person is over 80 years old.

It is impossible to stop irreversible destructive processes with medication. You can slow them down at certain stages.

The problem is that the early signs of the disease can manifest differently in all people, dementia is often confused with psychological disorders, so they do not consult a doctor in time.


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