Hepatitis of unknown origin: what symptoms to look out for

(ORDO NEWS) — Almost two months ago, the UK reported for the first time that the number of cases of acute hepatitis had increased in the country. At the same time, the disease affects exclusively children under the age of 16 and has an origin unknown to science.

In turn, WHO and the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention note that the number of patients is gradually increasing. Another alarming signal is that cases of acute hepatitis are recorded in children from different countries.

As of May 17, there were 533 confirmed cases. At the same time, all small patients fell ill with hepatitis, the origin of which has not yet been established. Of all the cases, 14 children died in the USA, Ireland, Palestine and Indonesia.

It is worth noting that experts cannot name the causes of a dangerous disease, but it has been proven that international travel or contact with representatives of other states has nothing to do with infection.

Hepatitis of unknown origin is not associated with hepatitis A, B, C, E and D viruses known to scientists. Doctors do not recommend parents to panic, because modern medicine can cure any hepatitis without any problems.

You should consult a doctor immediately after even slight signs of liver problems have been noticed. The main symptoms of the presence of hepatitis of unknown origin include the dark color of urine and light color of feces, the presence of itching, the occurrence of severe pain in the abdomen. The child constantly feels tired and does not want to eat.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that for timely fixation and the fastest possible response in Ukraine, all cases of confirmed hepatitis, which may be of unknown origin, are recorded. Then patients are immediately placed on a special account.

Additionally, all cases of acute hepatitis must be investigated by the regional centers for control and prevention. The experts were provided with all the necessary instructions for this, which they must strictly follow.


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