Woman spoke about the regular meetings with aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — A woman from St. Louis, Missouri, said that she often sees UFOs, and also communicates with representatives of an alien civilization who have blue skin.

She even showed pictures of UFOs, which allegedly confirm that she really saw aliens.

She noted that the first meeting was incredibly interesting. She went outside at night and noticed an incredibly bright light that hovered not far from her house. She began to look closely and realized that it was a UFO.

Just a few seconds later, she saw another ship, which was very close. It had a triangular shape. The UFO performed several incredible maneuvers and then the ship disappeared.

American Lily Nova since 2021 began to actively get involved in astrophotography. That is why at night she was often on the street.

Since that time, the woman regularly began to see UFOs and this has already become quite familiar to her, so Lily has ceased to be afraid. After some time, the American met with blue aliens.

The very first she saw a girl who had skin of a light blue hue. She had no hair, but she still looked incredibly beautiful. She was wearing a gray suit that hugged her body. Then Lily saw other aliens standing behind the girl in exactly the same uniform.

The woman also described some of the other aliens she met later. They had light hair color, fair skin that even glowed in the dark, and beautiful blue eyes. The American believes that what she saw is unreal, in fact, the aliens hid their appearance.

Lily noted that after these contacts became regular, her life completely changed. She stopped building her career in the field of nutrition and began to search for alien creatures and new information about UFOs.


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