The scientist announced secret US experiments on crossing humans with aliens

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NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) — Renowned scientist and UFO researcher Dr. Steven Greer has spoken out about secret US government experiments that he says involved combining human and alien DNA. The Daily Star writes about this.

In an exclusive interview with YouTube channel VLAD TV, Greer expressed doubts about the possibility of natural reproduction between species, but admitted that interspecies classified experiments were carried out.

Dr. Greer cites no less than 119 cases of UFO impacts with Earth, emphasizing that “normal” reproduction between humans and aliens is unlikely. He expresses doubts about the possibility of such an event, although he admits that with the use of modern technologies such as CRISPR and cloning, some results could be achieved.

According to the scientist, experiments carried out involving the fusion of human and alien DNA have created strange life forms, partly human, partly extraterrestrial. He does not exclude the possibility of creating hybrids using modern genetic technologies.

Dr. Greer also reveals that there are programs aimed at creating a conscious interface between man and machine, which he claims is an attempt to hack the navigation systems of spaceships. He emphasizes that these covert projects are not only taking place, but are still ongoing.

During the conversation, Greer also stated that alien ships have been recovered and studied since the 1930s. His words challenge official science, adding mystery to the issues of human interaction with extraterrestrial civilizations.


News agencies contributed to this report, edited and published by ORDO News editors.

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