Man in Turkey has been in self-isolation for more than a year

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Istanbul has been in self-isolation for 14 months. The reason for this is that numerous coronavirus tests have all come back positive.

He was first diagnosed in 2020. After that, Muzaffer Kayasan found himself in self-isolation and became the record holder for the duration of the infection period, recorded among patients in Turkey.

The 56-year-old man has already been tested 78 times for coronavirus and each time he turned out to be positive.Up until today, the virus in Kayasan’s body is still active. The man continues to look for a way to find a way out of such a difficult situation.

In November 2020, a resident of Istanbul was hospitalized due to complications caused by the coronavirus. After some time, he was allowed to go home, because he began to recover quite quickly. He returned home and began to wait for a full recovery and the end of self-isolation.

Two weeks later, he had to take a PCR test. A negative result could indicate that the man is completely healthy. But in the future, all tests showed an exceptionally positive result. During all this time, Muzaffer spent 9 months in the hospital and 4 months at home.

What is known about Kayasan is that he suffers from leukemia. This may explain why the coronavirus does not disappear anywhere. Tests give only a positive result due to the fact that a man can have a rather weak immune system.

The man has already begun to turn to the authorities to help him solve the problem, because he is constantly on his own and does not see his relatives. To date, Muzaffer continues to take his prescribed medications to support his immune system. Doctors do not know how long a man will have to stay at home and be completely isolated from society.

Earlier in Sao Paulo, a patient was recorded who had been ill with coronavirus for 232 days. Before the infection, she was being treated for cancer. In the UK, the maximum period of activity of coronavirus in the human body was 143 days.

The patient had a weak immune system. In Brazil, a man was ill for 218 days. In addition, there are a huge number of cases when the virus did not leave the body for 1-3 months.


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