In the US, a man killed a huge alligator that ate cattle

(ORDO NEWS) — Mississippi hunter Doug Borris, who is also the host of Dynamic Outdoors TV, talked about how he managed to catch an old alligator, which is about 80 years old.

During all this time, the predator hunted livestock that came to the watering hole to the lake, located in southern Florida. Doug posted a photo with his prey on Facebook. The weight of the amphibian reached 400 kilograms, and its length was 3.96 meters.

Boris said that he began his hunt immediately after he learned about the existence of a giant alligator. He was told about him by a friend who knew about this predatory creature since childhood. It turned out to find an alligator on a private lake, which is located in Okeechobee County.

The man fired from a distance of 460 meters and hit the alligator in the top of the head. After the amphibian was at a distance of 160 meters, a second shot followed, which was the last. After Doug got his prey from the water, he was shocked by its size.

Soon, alligator meat was processed in order to be eaten. The head of a huge amphibian joined the collection of Borris trophies and took pride of place on a special wall.

Users became interested in publishing the hunter on Facebook. The photo shows a huge booty. In a short period of time, almost 10 thousand people managed to share this post.

The commentators were divided into two groups. Some of them were on the side of Borris and admired his chic catch, while others, on the contrary, criticized him for the murder.

Doug, in turn, emphasized that the alligator posed a fairly serious threat not only to livestock, but also to local residents. He noted that in the summer of 2016, an amphibian killed a two-year-old boy who was walking in the Walt Disney World park.

Borris is considered the best hunter in the United States. He set 9 world records, as well as 36 state records, which relate not only to hunting, but also to fishing. Despite the fact that the alligator was huge, it is not the largest individual that could be caught in the United States. earlier, a creature 4.26 meters long was caught in Lake Washington.

At the same time, the heaviest specimen was caught in Orange Lake. The weight of the alligator reached 473 kilograms.

An American hunter shot a huge 80-year-old alligator, which weighed up to 400 kg and was about 4 meters long. The creature has hunted livestock for many years. There were people among the victims.


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