Photos of celebrities taken shortly before their death

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(ORDO NEWS) — These photographs capture the last days or even hours of the life of famous people. What will the last photos of celebrities tell us about before they die?

Photos of celebrities before death are especially interesting, because there is an opinion that creative people are the most sensitive to the world around them and are able to predict tragic events.

We have selected for you nine recent photos of stars and supplemented them with stories about the circumstances of the death of celebrities. Will the photos tell about the premonitions and experiences of the stars imprinted on them?

Freddie Mercury, 45 years old, 1946-1991

Two years before Freddie’s death, Queen stopped playing. This was due to the difficult physical condition of the band’s frontman and the fact that Mercury wanted to record as many new songs as possible.

The clips for the band’s latest album were filmed in black and white to hide Freddie’s emaciated state. This latest photo of the celebrity was taken shortly before Freddie Mercury made his statement to the press.

“Given the rumors that have been circulating in the press for the past two weeks, I want to confirm that my blood test showed the presence of HIV.

I have AIDS. I considered it necessary to keep this information a secret in order to keep the peace of my family and friends. However, the time has come to tell the truth to my friends and fans around the world.

I hope everyone will join the fight against this terrible disease.” Less than a day later, Freddie Mercury died of pneumonia caused by AIDS. The last photo of the star before his death was taken in the backyard of his home Garden Lodge in London.

Photos of celebrities taken shortly before their death 1

Chester Bennington, 41, 1976-2017

In the summer of 2017, Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington hanged himself in his apartment in a suburb of Los Angeles.

The singer was married twice, raised six children, but suffered from drug addiction and often talked about “inner demons” and periods when hands give up. This latest celebrity photo was taken while on a family vacation.

It was she who served as the beginning of the social flash mob Face of Depression (“Face of Depression”), in which people publish their photos – funny and happy, from which it is impossible to determine that the person in the frame is exhausted and in a difficult psychological state.

Photos of celebrities taken shortly before their death 2

John Lennon, 40 years old, 1940-1980

This is not just the last photo of a celebrity, which captures the last hours of the life of a great musician: next to Lennon is his killer Mark Chapman.

After the autograph, John asked a fan, “Is that all you wanted from me?” Chapman smiled and answered in the affirmative. Four hours later, he again waited for John at the entrance to the house, but this time he did not ask for an autograph, but fired five bullets into the back of the musician.

Photos of celebrities taken shortly before their death 3

Marilyn Monroe, 36 years old, 1926-1962

In this photo, the star is having fun with jazz pianist Buddy Greco in early August 1962. Literally a few hours later, on the night of August 4-5, Marilyn will be found at her home in Los Angeles: the artist was poisoned by barbiturates.

It is known that the last years of her life, the actress was in a neurotic state and used sedatives and stimulants. Both of these factors justify the version of suicide.

But still, many believe that the true cause of Monroe’s death lies in something else. Unfortunately, the last photo of a celebrity before her death does not shed light on the mystery of her death.

Photos of celebrities taken shortly before their death 4

Michael Jackson, 50 years old, 1958-2009

This latest celebrity photo was taken during a rehearsal for Michael’s upcoming show, which was all sold out. But it did not take place: two days later, the musician died of cardiac arrest caused by acute intoxication with anticonvulsant drugs, which were introduced to Michael by his personal doctor. He was found guilty of manslaughter and served a two-year prison sentence.

Photos of celebrities taken shortly before their death 5

Whitney Houston, 48 years old, 1963-2013

This is the last photo of the star before his death was taken by the paparazzi. They captured Whitney leaving the Tru Hollywood club. Two days later, the singer was found unconscious in the bathtub of her suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

According to the conclusion of the forensic experts, death occurred as a result of “accidental drowning in a dream,” and such a sound sleep was caused by the simultaneous use of incompatible drugs with each other.

Photos of celebrities taken shortly before their death 6

Amy Winehouse, 27 years old, 1983-2011

This last photo of the celebrity was taken in London on July 12, 2011, and on July 23, the singer’s body was found in her apartment. The cause of death was a heart attack caused by alcohol poisoning. The permitted level of alcohol in the blood of the singer was exceeded five times.

Photos of celebrities taken shortly before their death 7

Heath Ledger, 28 years old, 1979-2008

This is a shot from the set of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, in which Ledger starred but didn’t finish filming.

It was this photo of a celebrity before his death that was the last, because on January 22, 2008, Ledger was found dead in a hotel room.Due to the fatal mixture of painkillers, sleeping pills and tranquilizers that Heath used in the last months of his life, the actor’s heart stopped.

Director Terry Gilliam decided to release Imaginarium after all and found an original way out: according to the plot, Ledger’s hero enters another dimension, where he magically changes his appearance several times. Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell agreed to play for the Hit. The actors gave their fees to Ledger’s daughter Matilda.

Photos of celebrities taken shortly before their death 8

Princess Diana, 36 years old, 1961-1997

This latest celebrity photo was taken around noon on August 31, 1997. Diana is seen looking back to see if the paparazzi are still chasing her.

A few seconds after that, the princess’s car will enter the tunnel, the driver will lose control. Diana later dies in the hospital from injuries incompatible with life.

Photos of celebrities taken shortly before their death


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