See unique footage of Jupiter and its moon

(ORDO NEWS) — Data taken by NASA’s Juno spacecraft has revealed incredible new footage of Jupiter and its moon Ganymede. Experts note that such images cannot be obtained using telescopes from Earth.

Jupiter is located 588 – 967 million kilometers from Earth. It is almost impossible to look at the planet from our planet…

Members of the Juno mission team shared images of the huge crater on Ganymede, as well as an image of Jupiter taken by the spacecraft during its dives into and out of Jupiter’s radiation environment.

See unique footage of Jupiter and its moon 1

“If you could take a ride with the Juno spacecraft as it approaches Jupiter during one of its regular close passes, you’d see a startling vista like this,” NASA’s website says.

See unique footage of Jupiter and its moon 2

The image of Ganymede was taken during a flyby in June 2021 when Juno was 1,046 kilometers above the moon’s surface. Using data from the JunoCam camera, the scientists colorized the images in the lab.

The photo shows the large Kittu crater, which is about 15 kilometers across. “Most Ganymede craters have bright impact marks, but about 1% of the craters have dark marks,” the blog post says.

The photograph of Jupiter itself was taken on January 12. NASA noted that such a view of Jupiter is not possible from Earth, even through a telescope, because Jupiter’s orbit is always outside the Earth’s and, therefore, is visible (from our planet) only when fully illuminated by the Sun.


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