Creepy red clouds appeared over Turkey (PHOTOS)

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(ORDO NEWS) — Bright red lenticular clouds formed over the city of Bursa (Turkey) during sunset on December 10, which made the locals think. The impression is that the end of the world is approaching.

Some Turks thought that the cloud was about to collapse to the ground. Others decided that God could be in a cloud of a strange shape.

clouds appeared over Turkey 2

Perhaps the Most High travels in such formations. In Exodus 13:21, it was written that the Lord appeared before the people in a cloudy pillar, guiding them on the right path. At night he illuminated the road: rays of light emanated from the cloud.

Think of Exodus 19: 9. It notes that Jesus was to come to Moses in a dark cloud. Mark 13:26 also refers to a cloud in which the Most High travels. People will see the Son of Man, strong and mighty, in the clouds.

clouds appeared over Turkey 3

After some time, the cloud disappeared, but its discussions do not end to this day. People refuse to believe that they have seen a common natural phenomenon illuminated by red sunlight. Sunset and atmospheric formation could create a truly unique picture.


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