UNUSUAL SHOT: British photographer captures a lion over a pile of bones

(ORDO NEWS) — It takes a lot of effort to find a picture as good as the one taken by a British photographer. He shot a lion, which weighs almost 230 kg. The animal proudly raised its head and looks into the distance from the top of a hill completely covered with bones. A very beautiful sunrise can be seen behind the lion.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

This incredible photo was taken by Simon Needham from the UK during a visit to GG Conservation Wildlife Reserve. This wildlife sanctuary is located in South Africa near Johannesburg. Simon approached the animal as close as possible. The king of beasts and the photographer were only ten meters apart.

The reserve representatives invited Simon to create quality marketing content. The reserve has a specially designated area for carcasses of animals, which are provided to lions as food. The photographer noted that the lion was at the top of the hill for only a minute, if not less, but he managed to capture this incredible moment.

Lions in most cases try to catch small to medium-sized prey. These predators can eat a lot of meat, about 15% of their own weight. On average, one lion can eat up to seven kilograms of food per day.


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