Magnetic storms in December 2020: when to expect meteorological strikes

(ORDO NEWS) — There are many people in the world who are susceptible to space weather. Sometimes meteorological strikes are so strong that absolutely everyone feels the deterioration of their health. December, by the way, will not be calm either.

Three magnetic storms can be expected in the last month of 2020. The first will happen on the 3rd and will be of medium strength. People with chronic diseases and mental disorders are at risk. However, we hasten to reassure you: nothing serious will happen.

The next disturbance of the planet’s magnetic shell will occur on December 26. The phenomenon will be powerful, so you need to carefully monitor your condition for people with problems of the heart and blood vessels. To endure the storm as painlessly as possible, you should give up hard physical work, avoid stressful situations, and walk more in the fresh air.

Alcohol and caffeine are unacceptable, as are junk food (such as fried or low-quality processed foods). Doctors recommend carrying a first aid kit.

Non-meteorological citizens may have a deterioration in mood, apathy. Also, scattered attention is not excluded, which is dangerous for motorists. Be extremely careful on the road.

The last storm is expected on December 28-29. The greatest impact will be on the evening of the 28th. Increased fatigue, emotional stress are possible. It is best to give up some of the work if possible and just relax. Try to smooth out conflicts with family and friends so as not to spoil your relationship with them.


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