Found the similarity of the neutron brain with a network of galaxies in the Universe

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists Franco Vazza of the University of Bologna and Alberto Feletti of the University of Verona decided to compare the human brain with the structures of the universe. The result was interesting: scientists found many similarities.

According to experts, the human brain and the network of galaxies in outer space are two of the most complex systems in the universe. Although there are clear differences in scale, the structure still has many similarities. Both systems can handle processes with the same level of complexity and organization.

The human brain contains approximately 69 billion neurons and is an extensive network. There are about 100 billion galaxies in the universe. Each system includes 30% of neurons and galaxies, respectively. The rest falls on passive elements (water for the brain and dark matter for the Universe).

Specialists have calculated the spectral density of systems, which is often done in cosmology to study the distribution of galactic systems in space. It was found that fluctuations in the cerebellar brain on a scale from one to one tenth of a micrometer have the same progression as the spread of matter in the web of boundless space. True, in the second case, the scales are much larger – 5-500 million light years.

A striking similarity was also seen in the number of connections of all nodes and in the presence of grouping of certain connections in the central sections of the networks. It can be concluded that the brain and the Universe share the same physical processes.


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