Listed products that contribute to effective weight loss, and among them – popcorn

(ORDO NEWS) — You don’t have to give up delicious food to lose weight. For example, even a salad with chicken and avocado or popcorn can help you get rid of extra pounds.

The author of the article notes that there are foods and dishes that allow you to lose weight and at the same time are very tasty. About them – below.

1- Popcorn. According to a scientific study (which was conducted by the Nutrition Journal), popcorn can suppress hunger. Therefore, when it is used in general during the day, a person wants to eat less.

2- Salad with chicken and avocado. One study showed that regular consumption of avocados for 12 weeks reduced visceral fat. In general, such fat causes serious health problems.

3- Roasted chickpeas. The study found that people who ate legumes and beans four times a week were able to lose 2.5 pounds (about 1.1 kg) more in eight weeks than those who did not eat these foods.

4- Apple. This fruit contains substances that allow you to burn fat. According to research, if a person eats one apple daily for 4-12 weeks, they are much more likely to lose weight.

Listed products that contribute to effective weight loss and among them popcorn 25-Boiled eggs. They contain protein. At the same time, protein can cure obesity and metabolic syndrome, according to research results.

5-Curd. It has a positive effect on overall health and metabolism if it (30 grams) is eaten about half an hour before going to bed.

7- Fat-free yogurt . This product provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

8- Carrot, cucumber, celery and red pepper. Such products contain a small amount of calories and at the same time a lot of water. Also in the listed food there is a lot of fiber, which allows you to create a feeling of satiety.


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