What is a “wormhole” in space

(ORDO NEWS) — References to “wormholes” can be found in science fiction. Such holes allow you to quickly travel through space and time.

But do they really exist in space and what are they? This question is answered by BBC Science Focus Magazine.

As the author notes, the name “wormhole” was first proposed in 1935 by Nathan Rosen and Albert Einstein.

Such “wormholes” are some kind of bridges through the folded space and time. Thanks to them, you can literally instantly move over long distances.

What is a wormhole in space 2

From a mathematical point of view, such wormholes are very unstable. Moreover, they are most likely very small and will immediately collapse as soon as they are formed.

In addition, they are only able to interact with “eternal” black holes.

For the reasons mentioned above, most scientists believe that wormholes are unlikely to exist. Although, of course, the theory of their possible existence is very interesting.


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