What is Munchausen’s syndrome and what are the signs of this strange disease

(ORDO NEWS) — This disease is named after one of the literary heroes, but in general it has a lot of names. Both children and adults suffer from this syndrome.

Munchausen’s syndrome was first described in the 19th century. Later, in 1968, the American scientist H. Spiro suggested calling this disease chronic fictitious (artificially induced).

In general, such a disease occurs infrequently. It makes up 1 percent of all mental illnesses. The average age of patients is 34 years, and most often this syndrome occurs in women.

It is difficult to say exactly what causes the disease. Basically, experts believe that the disease is associated with a lack of attention in the patient, the need to receive care and support.

Also, the risk of developing the syndrome is higher if a person has: childhood mental trauma, hysterical and borderline disorder, low self-esteem, experience from childhood, when more attention was paid to the child during illness, experience of experiencing sexual abuse.

In most cases, patients say that they have a headache, heart, complain of bleeding. Also, such symptoms may include weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, amnesia, depression, poor eyesight, etc. As a result, people undergo medical examinations, but do not receive confirmation of diagnoses.

What is Munchausens syndrome and what are the signs of this strange disease 2

Also, patients feign some symptoms in order to end up in the hospital. This is bleeding, fainting, acute pain, fever.

At the moment, this disorder is poorly understood. At the same time, patients have such traits of character and personality traits as egocentrism, artistry, unstable self-esteem, anxiety, hysteria, social inadequacy, rich imagination.

As the American Psychiatric Association notes, Munchausen’s syndrome is diagnosed according to four criteria: “simulation of symptoms”, “playing the patient”, “lack of connection between a person’s lie and profit”, “absence of mental disorders”.

Such patients are hospitalized many times, but they are in a medical facility for a short time. At the same time, there is no treatment as such: it is most often recommended to treat psychological trauma, which is the cause of the disorder.

Also, experts advise patients to interact more often with other people, follow the advice of doctors, and not endanger themselves.


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