New face mask can track heart rate

(ORDO NEWS) — Face masks have become part of everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to scientists, they may soon become useful not only to protect others, but also themselves.

Researchers have developed a sensor for the N95 FaceBit mask that can track a wide range of health data. The device can, for example, measure the heart rate.

To do this, the sensor will focus on head movements. In addition, a high-tech mask will be able to detect loose fitting to the face.

These measurements, in turn, can help detect other conditions. Heart rate and breathing data, for example, can tell you when you’re stressed and need a break.

It may not be necessary to charge the mask. Although the prototype has a battery, the device uses breathing, heat, movement and solar energy to operate autonomously. Without a charge, the mask can last up to 11 days.


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