Products that can not be washed before cooking

(ORDO NEWS) — Absolutely all housewives know that before you start cooking rice, it must be thoroughly washed in cold water. This will remove excess starch.

At the same time, there are quite a few products that should not be washed immediately before cooking. After all, this will not only adversely affect their taste, but also cause the reproduction of bacteria dangerous to health.

Among the products that do not need to be washed are chicken, as well as all other meat. For example, bacteria may be present on the surface of a chicken carcass, which may well cause the development of serious diseases. Quite often, people encounter salmonella.

Of course, water can wash them off the meat, but the bacteria will easily scatter over all surfaces in the kitchen during this process. Not only the sink and kitchen utensils will be no exception, but also the hands of a person, his clothes.

During cooking, salmonella will be completely destroyed by hot water. Before you start cooking meat, you need to use napkins to remove the meat juice. After that, hands must be washed with soap and hot water.

Many people often rinse their eggs before cracking or boiling them. They believe that due to this, dangerous microbes will not get inside, but in fact this is not the case. The eggshell has a porous surface, so it is much easier for bacteria to get inside through the pores.

You do not need to wash the mushrooms or keep them in water for a long time, because they have a spongy structure and will absorb moisture very well.

A quick rinse and then drying with a paper towel is ideal. The procedure is performed immediately before the preparation of the product. If you wash them in advance, then this will lead to the fact that the mushrooms will lose their elasticity, and may even change their taste.

An interesting point is that before sending pasta to boiling water, they can be washed to remove excess starch. After cooking, pasta will be washed only when a person is going to fry it or add it to some kind of salad.


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