LG has created a TV that works independently of the mains

(ORDO NEWS) — LG has announced a compact TV that works independently of the mains. This is reported by The Verge.

StanbyME model has a 27-inch IPS-diagonal, the screen is located on a stand. The height and tilt of the stand are adjustable, and, if desired, the device can be moved around the room using wheels. In addition, it is possible to detach the display and place it on your hands. The device works without connecting to the network, the autonomy of the device is provided by the battery.

On a single charge, a TV created by a Korean corporation can work for about three hours. Smart TV is included in the device, thanks to which StanbyME can stream content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. The rear panel of the device has at least one USB and one HDMI port. The TV has a fabric finish, a built-in NFC chip for transferring data from the phone.

LG also announced the Objet 65-inch OLED TV, which is not designed to sit on a stand. Instead, company representatives recommend leaning it against the wall like a painting. The cost of the devices has not been disclosed, LG intends to announce prices for StanbyME and Objet at the January CES 2022 exhibition.

In mid-September, LG launched a 325-inch TV weighing a ton. The device has 8K resolution and costs 1.7 million dollars, or about 120 million rubles.


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