One old TV deprived the Internet of the whole village for more than a year

(ORDO NEWS) — A very remarkable anomaly was encountered by the inhabitants of the village of Aberhosan, in the county of Powys in east Wales, and the employees of the telecommunications company Openreach who came to their aid – in all the houses of the village at exactly seven in the morning every day for 18 months there was a failure of the Internet connection.

The ancient TV, which did not receive modern certification, reminded everyone how complex and sensitive the infrastructure around us is.

According to Hackaday, after 18 months of searching for the source of the problem, the provider’s technicians managed to replace all network equipment and communication lines in the village.

When this did not help, “heavy artillery” was called from the head office in the person of the most advanced engineers of the company.

They had a spectrum analyzer in their arsenal, with the help of which it was possible to establish that the powerful interference that occurred in the network once a day was the result of interference from an external radio signal with communication lines.

One old TV deprived the Internet of the whole village for more than a year 2

The reason turned out to be a strong single high-level impulse noise (SHINE), the search for the source of which had not taken much time.

The cause of all the troubles with the Internet of an entire Welsh village was an old TV in one of the houses (the identity of the owners is not disclosed), which was purchased at a flea market just a year and a half ago.

It was turned on every day at exactly 7:00 am and at the same time the ADSL connection failed throughout the district. Why the residents of this house did not notice the relationship between the events is not specified. Maybe they just didn’t have internet.

From the moment the owners of this “weapon against the Internet” were asked not to turn on outdated equipment, there were no more daily problems with the Internet in Aberhosan.

It is noteworthy that on the website of the Zen Internet provider (as well as Openreach, which is responsible for the physical communication lines, is part of the largest British telecom holding BT Group) there is even a separate article on how to independently search for such electromagnetic interference such as SHINE or REIN (repetitive impulse noise) using a conventional AM radio.

One old TV deprived the Internet of the whole village for more than a year 3

Any long conductive object, one of which, of course, is the wires of communication lines (it does not matter if we are talking about an ADSL connection or Ethernet), can play the role of an antenna.

Electromagnetic waves emitted by various natural phenomena or any equipment, if certain conditions coincide (frequencies with the length of the conductor), can create serious interference in telecommunications equipment, as well as in computer technology.

SHINE type interference most often occurs when old or low-quality power supplies are turned on (including as part of household appliances – TVs, vacuum cleaners, heating systems), and REIN are caused, for example, by flickering garlands.


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