2 hours in front of the TV can lead to thromboembolism

(ORDO NEWS) — Spending time in front of the TV, while relaxing, can be very dangerous for your circulatory system. doctor-therapist George Sapego tells what is fraught with long TV viewing.

He explains this by saying that due to a long sitting in one place, blood clots can begin to form in the veins of your legs, which appear due to stagnation of blood.

And if the clot further enters the pulmonary artery, then your health may be in danger.

According to the doctor, it is enough for you to spend two hours watching programs without moving, so that there is a threat of pulmonary embolism.

To prevent such a situation, the doctor advises getting up every hour for five to ten minutes and doing simple warm-up exercises, you can even just walk around the apartment.

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