Scientists have told why you can not sleep with the TV on

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Salzburg conducted a new study in which they found that the human brain is able to respond to extraneous voices even in a dream. Due to this, it quickly identifies the presence of potential threats.

The experiment involved 17 people, 14 of whom were women. The average age of the participants was 22 years. All of them had absolutely no problems with sleep. During the night rest, all people received special polysomnographic equipment – PSG.

PSG helps measure breathing, brain waves, heart function, muscle tension, and other parameters that may be present during sleep. Before starting the study, all participants were asked to maintain at least 4 days of a certain regime, which will include eight hours of rest.

After that, they spent two nights in the walls of the laboratory. On the first night, the participants did not experience any auditory stimulation. It was turned on only on the second day. All this time they were equipped with polysomnographic equipment.

During the second night, the experts included a recording of the own voice of the person who was sleeping, as well as the voices of relatives, then strangers.

As a result of the study, it was possible to establish that it was the voices of strangers that evoked the most K-complexes. These are special brain waves that are directly related to sensory disturbances that occur directly during sleep. The figure was much higher than in the case of listening to familiar voices.

In addition, K-complexes, caused by unfamiliar voices, provoke the appearance of quite noticeable changes in brain activity. At the same time, the reaction became calmer as the voice became “familiar and familiar.”

Due to this, the brain in sleep mode has the opportunity to rest and at the same time control the situation around and recognize the threat in time.

Accordingly, the experts concluded that unfamiliar voices that come from the TV during sleep can interfere with normal rest, because the brain will be in some kind of tension all the time.


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