In the United States concerned about the safety of commercial satellites

(ORDO NEWS) — The new law, introduced by two US senators, would empower the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Agency to develop “voluntary satellite security recommendations” for the private sector.

At its core, this will be a list of “recommendations” for securing satellite systems. The bill would also require a study that would look at the way the US government currently maintains the security of the commercial satellite industry.

As commercial satellites become more common, hackers can shut down satellites, preventing access to their services, or jamming signals to disrupt power, water, transportation, and other critical infrastructure.

U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs press release

The law has been linked to a burgeoning space industry, fueled by numerous private launches of space rockets, including satellites, and a large number of satellites leads to a greater chance and desire to hack them.


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