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A still photograph shows what appears to be North Korea's new Chollima-1 rocket being launched

Scientists warn that satellites pose an “unprecedented global threat”

(ORDO NEWS) -- Astronomers on Monday warned that light pollution, caused by the skyrocketing number

Astronomers complain about satellites

(ORDO NEWS) -- An international team of scientists said orbiting satellites interfere with space observations.

More than 2.7% of Hubble images were corrupted due to passing satellites

(ORDO NEWS) -- An international team of astronomers found that more than 2.7% of Hubble's

How many satellites can be safely placed in Earth orbit?

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First launch of satellites from the UK ended in failure

(ORDO NEWS) -- The first attempt to put satellites into orbit from the UK ended

Wind monitoring satellites need to take more vertical measurements

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How satellites, radars and drones track meteorites

(ORDO NEWS) -- On July 31, 2013, a group of American satellites recorded the collision

Indian PSLV rocket launches nine satellites into space

(ORDO NEWS) -- Indian space agency ISRO launched a one-ton Earth observation satellite and eight

ESA plans to build low-orbit navigation satellites

(ORDO NEWS) -- The ESA Navigation Authority is planning a demonstration of the new LEO-PNT